Looking to exit from your business in the next two to five years?
We can help you achieve the best outcome.

Looking to exit from your business in the next two to five years?
We can help you achieve the best outcome.


When clients talk about the work we do and the value we add the range of services and expertise becomes evident. Clients ask us to help them get where they want to be, many in preparation for their eventual exit. This includes business planning, leadership development, growth strategies and reviewing different forms of exit from outright sale to succession by a management team. But we’ll let our clients provide the evidence:

“We were coached by Ian and it has been such an amazing experience. He has a great presence, as well as a wealth of knowledge, so he can help you think about and consider how to work on your business as well as in it. He allows for questions that you may not have thought of yourself and strategies to really move and progress you forward.”

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Annie Grace, Founder
This Naked Mind

“Ian has been a vital member of our senior leadership team since 2018.  He has helped us (the two founders) to keep focussed on our growth strategy despite the other roles we have to play in the business.  Our regular meetings have made all the difference.

Ian helps us to think through issues by looking at them from different perspectives – he guides us in our decision making with sound advice but never pushes his opinions on us.  He always looks at things from our points of view.

It’s like having a personal trainer at the gym, you work harder, you are more disciplined…and so more likely to meet your goals.”

Clare Solomon, Commercial & Creative Director

“Thanks for your time and insights today Ian. Really useful. Best investment I have made in my business for some time.”

Simon Bird, Director
The Innovation & Creativity Lab

“Ian is one of the most thoughtful, incisive and practical business advisers I know. If you like direct, sometimes uncomfortable, always professional advice, get in touch with Ian.”

Toby Chapman-Dawe, Managing Director
Strand Writing & Design

“Ian is a professional adviser and good ‘sounding post’ to bounce ideas off. Because he is independent of Tuplin, he offers an objective viewpoint and ideas from other industries. He is hands-on in his approach and helps in a practical sense with the delivery of a number of key projects. His ongoing input has made sure that plans have not only been laid, but implemented, completed and analysed. Ian is an invaluable asset to our business.”

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Alistair Henderson, Managing Director
“We learnt so much from starting a business and when Henchards came along, we felt it gave us more insight and another pair of eyes. We looked at our systems, what we were focusing on and our offering. All of those things are important, but you can miss them early on in your business.”

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Steve Maynard, Owner
Outspoken Projects
“Ian is just a great guy to work with. He was an advisor and an NXD for my company for several years and was a really valuable and effective team member.”
Richard Merrigan, Chairman and Founder

“Ian Parker worked in advisory and board roles with CInergy for six years, assisting me as Chairman and Brian Boroff our MD.

Throughout that time Ian has been an absolute rock and has delivered way beyond our expectations. The adjectives “professionalism” and “commitment” are hardly adequate in describing Ian’s approach to helping and working with the company.

Listed below are key contributions which Ian made in that period:

  • Business strategy, planning and lending independent views and business direction
  • Helping to professionalize Board function and company governance.
  • Adding business credibility to the CInergy board and the company.
  • Planning and helping to execute sales strategy.
  • Assisting the review / negotiations of Joint Venture and Merger and Acquisitions opportunities
  • Support in multiple equity and debt financing rounds
  • Coaching/support to managers and executives.
  • Mentoring of the Managing Director
  • Interviewing/motivating key hires into the company

As you can see the list of Ian’s contributions is very deep and it shows his breath of knowledge, experience and willingness to provide support wherever needed in our growing business.

Ian is the consummate professional and I would heartily recommend him to any company looking for help at Board of Director or strategic level.”

Richard Merrigan
Chairman, CInergy
“The business review sessions with Ian provided me with added focus and clear goals for the progression of Boosh. I was able to talk and ask advice about a wide range of issues that are important to me as a business owner. These ranged from the development of my team, recruitment, cash flow management, appointing a new accountant, development of new services, strategic partnerships, future growth plans for the business and the development of my own role as the leader of the company.

I found Ian easy to work with, flexible in his approach and able to make a valuable contribution across a wide range of issues.”

Mark Rose
Managing Director, Boosh365
“When we met Ian for the first time we hadn’t recognised the need for an adviser nor appreciated the value that an additional, experienced person could bring to the business. We knew that we had a great opportunity but the day-to-day running of the company was tiring and not as rewarding as we had hoped.

It is a big commitment to bring in someone from the outside but we quickly recognised that Ian brought something extra to the business. He has helped us both strategically and operationally and has a flexible style that suits the dynamic nature of what we do.

We have built a strong, open relationship and now we involve Ian with all aspects of the business and seek his guidance and input to help us grow Total SEO. He ensures we step back and take an objective view of how the business is running and helps us keep an eye on the bigger picture – especially when the day-to-day operational pressures build up. We are building the business for a purpose and Ian is now integral to our business future.”

Simon and Michelle Chapple, Owners and Directors
Total SEO and Marketing

“We have worked with Ian/Henchards for a couple of years now. Initially we focused on our brand and identified its strength and potential. Over the last year, Ian has guided us on strengthening the management team, building the capacity for further growth and preparing for the next stage of the business.

Ian’s thoughtful and encouraging style has matched us well and we value his insights, perspective and ideas.  I do highly recommended him as business adviser and mentor.”

Virginia Hicks, Managing Director & Lead Consultant
Comma Partners

“For the past two years Ian has provided invaluable coaching and guidance to the business with his measured and astute observations. Apart from our regular coaching sessions the real value for me is to be able to consult an objective trusted advisor when there are tough decisions to be made on commercial decisions.

Ian has always made himself available to help with mini crises as well as checking on progress against action points. The return on investment for my business has been extremely positive as a result.”

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James Thomas, Founder and Managing Director
Seren Partnership

“The relationship with Ian has worked because he combines good business knowledge and contacts, plus he has a personable style, is logical, cuts through the waffle, and turns our conversations into actions. In short I value both what he provides and the way he does it.”

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Tom Greenly, Director
Richard Greenly Photography

“The running of our own business has been a massive learning experience. It is rewarding and very hard work – which is partly due to the nature of the marquee business. This first stage of our ownership has been about getting the infrastructure right, recruiting key team members, implementing the right amount of process and building revenues through reputation and marketing.

Having Ian alongside us, not only in our face to face meetings but available to us at any time by phone, has been a tremendous benefit in helping us and the business navigate this first stage of our ownership. The fundamentals are in place and we are now accelerating the growth of the business.”

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James Collins, Director
Redcrest Events

“I really needed an experienced and steady guiding light to make sure that I looked after the important basics in growing a business, and the rest would look after itself. Ian has all of the qualities I needed, he is focused and understands what is required at each step in the process. He is friendly and flexible with his working times, as he needed to be with me as often my timetable changes at short notice.

He has helped me a lot, and now I see I have an abundant pipeline that I never would have thought possible in such a short time.”

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Wayne Johncock, Director
“We benefitted from Ian’s guidance at a pivotal period of growth for The Marketing Matrix, and his advice and insight were excellent. If you are looking for a business adviser who combines experience, inspiration and practical guidance, I’d recommend giving him a call.”
Emma Tarring, Director
The Marketing Matrix
“I have known Ian and his company for a number of years and it would prove worthwhile to see how he can help you with advising you on the potential growth of your business.”
Paul Gosling, Tax Manager
Riverview Portfolio
“I have worked with Henchards several times over the past four years and have found them to be incredibly professional, supportive and good value.

Recently they helped me navigate the sale of my business and transition successfully into a new role, with a new firm. I would highly recommend the service.”

Jane Aylwin
Added Perspective
“We have worked very closely with Henchards over the last 12 months. Ian provides an exceptionally professional service that we cannot fault. He has helped us develop the strategy for the company and provided us with a clear action plan. As a result the company has seen strong growth, improved performance and a clear future direction.

It has been an excellent gain for our business to be involved with Henchards and we could not recommend more highly.”

Kirsty Clements, Director
JKS Construction Services
“Ian has a calm, clear perspective and an effective implementer’s style that has contributed significantly to our development as a management team and our ability to deliver strategic projects. Working with him helps me focus on the priorities of being the MD and delegate greater responsibilities to my team.”
Paul Ballard
Managing Director, 3di
“We understood what we needed to do to grow the business but also recognised the benefit of having an external voice at the table. Knowing what you want to do and ensuring you do it are two different things – especially when you are very busy with client work. We met Ian, the relationship immediately clicked and he became an integral part of the team.

Ian’s insight into the process ensured we retained our focus on the key strategic areas of the deals and did not get bogged down in the peripheral issues. He consistently led the discussions and challenged our positions and what we expected the outcomes to be.Without his input the process would undoubtedly have taken longer and may never have reached the successful conclusion it did.

We have been working with Ian as our ‘non-executive director’ since 2014. During this time his input has been invaluable in both the internal strategy of the company, ensuring it is implemented and followed through, and also with specific projects, including the merger with another practice, and our exit plan. I would be happy to recommend Ian’s services to any owner looking for advice and guidance in developing their business.”

Neil Elsden, Director
Banks BHG Chartered Accountants

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The relationship we build with our clients is based on an open and honest two-way partnership.


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