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10 daily habits to help you be a better leader

The vast majority of leadership literature tells us that great leaders are made, not born – meaning, for the most part, the best leaders work hard to develop their leadership skills and cultivate certain habits that support them as leaders. Much like learning a...

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Real-life reflections on selling your business

You probably spend a lot of your time building your business, your reputation and your potential wealth, so when it comes to selling your business you want it to go smoothly and successfully. Talking recently to a business owner who went through the process...

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Wish you could clone yourself? You need a business adviser

Trying to grow your business or find innovative solutions to business challenges while you’re knee-deep in running the company can feel like an impossible task.  And this can be particularly true if you run a creative or technical business, especially where the...

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Developing creative and technical teams

The success of your business is highly dependent on your team.  And that’s particularly true in creative and technical businesses, where ideas and knowledge, as well as application and focus, are essential. Attracting the right people is only part of the picture –...

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What makes a good business adviser?

You’ve decided to enlist the expertise of a business adviser to drive success in your business.  Maybe you’re looking for business advice to help you grow the company.  Perhaps you want to be a better leader, or build a management team to take on more of the...

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Are these activities limiting your business growth?

Growing your business can sometimes feel like another item on an already groaning to-do list.  But are you really too busy to grow your business?  Or is it a sign that you need to spend less time on certain tasks? Counter-intuitive though it may sound, sometimes...

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4 not-so-obvious reasons you should delegate more

As the saying goes, you can’t do everything. That’s why delegation is one of the key skills that any business owner must master – however grudgingly – if they are to successfully transfer their business to someone else. The obvious upside of delegating more to your...

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We have talked to other business owners and they are taken aback that we forecast our revenues, costs and cash flow

Meret Maynard
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