Looking to exit from your business in the next two to five years? We can help you achieve the best outcome.


7 benefits of exit planning

Previously, we explored how exit planning doesn’t necessarily mean selling your business. Rather, a good exit plan is an important business planning tool, helping you build a more valuable, efficient (and, yes, sellable) business. Here are seven reasons to start...

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5 things to stop doing to accelerate growth

How busy are you?  Do you have so much on your plate that the list of things to do never gets any smaller, yet your business isn’t growing at the rate you expect?  Are you suffering the fate of the ‘busy fool’? If you’re looking to accelerate business growth,...

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Business owners, how clear is your vision?

Do you have a clear vision of where you’re going? Some business owners do and some don’t. When I start working with a client, if their vision is a blurry, vague picture, without a distinct destination or route towards it, I start by helping them clarify that...

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9 reasons why your business plan is your best friend

Just last week I was talking to a business owner who had been running their business for three years and had never done a business plan. And that scenario is not as uncommon as you might think; some people just don’t plan their business. Yet, a business plan is so...

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Why your summer holiday is the ideal exit planning test

All this month I’ve been looking at how business owners often struggle to take time away from their business.  To round off this month’s ‘holiday’ theme, I’d like to talk about how the inability to take a break relates to the bigger picture of owning and running a...

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7 ways to make your business less dependent on you

This month I’ve been exploring topics related to holidays – particularly how business owners can often find it difficult to take time away from their business.  If you struggle to take a holiday, or if you find yourself worrying about the business while you’re...

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We have talked to other business owners and they are taken aback that we forecast our revenues, costs and cash flow

Meret Maynard
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